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 Using our services could make you benefit of professional services at reasonable fees.

Depending of the project, our fees could be established using the following arrangements:

  • number of standard hourly rates incurred by our employees for a project. Such projects would be valued at a blended hourly rate of 60 USD/hour (excluding VAT).
  • pre agreed fee for a specific project or task. We would offer you as examples for such arrangements the following fees:
    • 100 USD/expatriate (excluding VAT) for an introductory meeting regarding Romanian income tax system. Depending of the number of expatriates attending the meeting the fee/expatriate could be decreased;
    • obtaining the identification tax code for an expatriate deriving income from Romania (assuming that all due dates provided by the law and for providing timely all necessary information and documents to Global Tax Services s.r.l. are observed) 200 USD/expatriate (excluding VAT and any other fees, taxes, and fines that could be due – translation fees, stamp duty fees, notary fees, penalties for late payment and fines if applicable);
    • filing of monthly income tax declarations on behalf of expatriates assigned to Bucharest Tax Authorities (assuming that all necessary information and tax payments are timely observed by the client) 150 USD/month/expatriate (excluding VAT). Depending of the number of expatriates requesting this service and the Bucharest sectors where they are assigned, the fees could be decreased.

  • monthly fee for a number of included consultancy hours on the phone or meetings at the client premises; Such fee would be determined based on the number of consultancy hours/month requested by the client, and using a blended hourly rate of 60 USD/hour (excluding VAT).

We believe that our fees would represent a good balance for our clients in the equation fees and quality of services provided.


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