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Updated:   August 2005

Latest form of the changes amending the Romanian Tax (Fiscal) Code (applicable starting June 2005) could be found at |Tax Code amend2| 

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Global Tax Services s.r.l.

Welcome to Global Tax Services s.r.l. web pages.
In an environment suffocated by continuos changing of the Romanian tax laws, we are here to help you by providing our professional tax services.

Our company benefits from the exclusive knowledge of a team of professionals with one of the most extensive experience on the Romanian market. The team has been working for the last 17 years in an environment dealing with the Romanian taxation system (including the Romanian Ministry of Finance), out of which 7 from the last 12 years in tax departments of Big 4 (formerly Big 6) consulting companies and for 5  years under "Global Tax Services srl" brand.

During this period of time our consultants have acquired a very good experience in connection with Romanian taxation issues (including Romanian expatriate taxation and tax compliance, Romanian income tax issues, Romanian labour law, Romanian withholding tax system-application of provisions in the Double Tax Treaties, Romanian permanent establishment issues, deductibility of expenses for Romanian profit tax purposes) in an International taxation environment.
Information about Romanian income tax system, from an Expatriate working into Romania perspective, could be found at |Income Tax| |Microenterprise| |Withholding Tax| |Tax Treaties| and |Tax Code| links. We would also suggest you to visit our |Immigration| link , (which is part of our tax news section) where you can find immigration information about new legislation enacted in 2004 and the Official Gazette where it was published.
However, the complete description of the tax services provided by our company could be found by clicking the link |About us|

We invite you to visit our site which, among other, would provide you access to a List of the Double Tax Treaties (Agreements) in force concluded by Romania with other countries, and the withholding tax rates that could apply if the non-resident entity (receiving income from Romania) would have available a tax resident certificate issued by the tax authorities in their home country |Tax Treaties|. In close connection with the Double Tax Treaties list, you can also find information about the Romanian withholding tax system |Withholding Tax| and information regarding new tax treaties and trade agreements concluded by Romania in 2004 |Trade_Agreements_and_Tax_Treaties|, which is part of our tax news section.

Information about an efficient tax structure to derive income from Romania could be found at the |Microenterprise| link. The microenterprise is a particular case in the category "Romanian small and medium size enterprises".

Because Romania have a Tax Code (Fiscal Code) starting 2004, we thought it could be useful to provide you information regarding some of the tax changes (amendments) brought by this new Romanian |Tax Code| including about Romanian profit tax deductibilities. Please note that starting January 1st, 2005, the profit tax rate decreased to 16%.

We hope you will find useful information by visiting our tax site.

If you are interested by our services, we would kindly ask you to contact us at: 

Global Tax Services s.r.l. team

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